I write this letter to you with complete honesty, please take my advice and do not hate it when I tell the truth. Please take more risks, dare to say more and do not trap your words in your soul. The world has to hear what you say, whether they like it or not. Your voice is the one thing that has power. Feel more and take in every moment the taste of food, the fresh air when you open your windows in the morning the morning sun and don’t ever take anything for granted. Say thank you to your mother more often and appreciate their efforts, stop focusing on what they aren’t doing but rather on what they’re doing. Give more hugs and kisses to friends especially to acquaintances you do not know who could become potential good friends but be careful not to give too much of anything , because they might not give back. Return your sister hugs and kisses and tell her you love her, realize how much she needs you give her unexpected kisses as well comfort her when she’s down. When you feel the world looks down on you, smile it is your best defense. When your friends underestimate you and take you for granted show them why they should not, show them how strong and how magnificent you can be and again do not give too much. Show your appreciation towards your friends you never know when you’ll need them. Give out compliments freely. Love everyone no matter what. Smile at people and do not ignore them for the fear of rejection. When you feel you have nothing to say do not say anything at all, do not force conversations. Please do try new hairstyles every single day. Spray your perfume everyday so people may remember your scent. Surprise your friends with your baked stuff. And by the way please read up way on how to improve your baked stuff before  you do that. Apply make-up I know you want to embrace your natural beauty but apply make-up once in a while and enhance your beauty. You’ll feel good.
Always try never to see what you lack, because you’ll find you lack even more and rather try to make the best of what you have, believe me you have a lot more than you think. When you receive criticism constructive or not try not to take it personally. You are sensitive, so make peace with it and learn how to take news better. Do not just say you’ll do things but instead just do it and don’t give it second thought or procrastinate or else you’ll never get it done. I have a lot more to say to you but for now this will be it.
Yours Sincerely


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