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There was a time I thought that I did everything wrong, in fact I felt that my entire existence was wrong. I felt I wasn’t to be. I did not love myself at all. The main root of this was insecurity. I faced a giant in my life that bigger than me or so I thought. She was a friend of mine; she’d say all these different things to me. Awful things. The biggest mistake I’ve ever done was to believe her.
But there are so many giants I’ve faced in my life and I’m still battling them. I watched a movie once the moral was if think and have accepted defeat before you’ve even tried or throw in a punch you’ve already been defeated. If your mentality is defeat, defeat is what you’ll get. We face giants, we need to stand strong in faith, faith in ourselves that we’ll get through this and faith in God that he’ll give us the strength to get past and knock down our giants. I believe that having a positive attitude and standing strong with our faith no matter how small it  is what will help us get through this. I need to be strong I need to be tough I need to be a warrior and not a worrier. So that I won’t be the one lying I n a ditch of self-pity, anguish and failure, so I won’t be the one with a broken soul, a broken spirit and a torn down self-esteem. Rather I need to get up again and again and again and throw those punches and fight back so I can rise and be victorious. No matter how many times I get knocked down I will rise again and fight even harder. Easier said than done, Yes I know but my faith in God is not in vain he’ll raise me up even higher. No matter how trivial my problems may seem to the world. He sees it in a different light, he understands me and I will believe until the very very end.